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Our site has proven to be a great meeting place
Our site has proven to be a great meeting place
Our earlier site was hacked but in the relatively short time it existed it proved to be a great meeting place for singles and couples.

So we are back again and some of our old members have found us again creating a sense of community.

Please join us for the fun and community that is Flash A Trucker
Our Lady friends are Gorgeous
Our Lady friends are Gorgeous
Cassie is a lovely lady who knows how to excite a man, especially those who are driving along the Interstate and happen to look into her passing car.
Don't be shy
Don't be shy
Our members have learned that everyone here is respectful. Nobody harasses anyone and in those rare cases when something like that might happen it is quickly stomped on. We respect everyone, especially are ladies
Our Forum is a busy place
Our Forum is a busy place
Our members use the Forum for many reasons. Staying up to date is just one of the uses, some use it to arrange meetings while others simply like to read it. Either way it is useful for everyone
To avoid Anarchy we have Rules
To avoid Anarchy we have Rules
In any community there has to be rules. We have written rules to protect everyone and they will be enforced. Please read the rules and respect everyone on our site.
Under construction
Under Construction
Under construction
The community website is still under construction. We are building as fast as we can and opening new parts of the site quickly. Watch for something new coming soon. Maybe.
Blogging is amazing here
Sexy Blogs
Blogging is amazing here
Keeping a Blog is one thing but using it to describe an encounter on the road makes for some very interesting reading. Read what others have written and consider a written record of your own
Make Friends
Make Friends
The key to our community is making friends. Most of our members don't want to share pictures and videos with just anyone, they are picky and rightly so.

You will notice that within the site there is a system of "Friends". If you are polite and complimentary and ask nicely, our wonderful ladies might let you be a friend and just maybe, if the stars are aligned just right, your glasses might get steamed.
We were hacked
We were hacked
Everything was going fine, we hadn't been on-line for long but the site was growing and we were having fun. Then out of the blue we were hacked. Someone gained access to the server itself and deleted everything. Now we are trying again and are looking forward to meeting all our old friends once again.
Video is up
Video is up
Video is now operating well. Registered members are the only ones who can view videos of some of our amazing flashers. Of course in some cases our videographers restrict viewers by setting their own access levels. Are you in or are you out?

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Our website opened before it was finished. We still have much to do but getting things finished has to take second place to our 'real' jobs. Watch for something new each time you stop by.


At Flash A Trucker we value your Privacy. We don't share you email address, ever. We don't keep information about you except what it takes for you to enjoy the experience the site offers.


The ladies who have fun with us on the road are beautiful and appreciated. If you are one of those wonderful ladies you will find love and respect at Flash A Trucker


We are building and doubt we will stop at any time soon. We are here for Flashers and Truckers and welcome all ideas for consideration. Got an idea? Drop us a line

Our Crew

The Watcher
The Watcher CEO
TW does all the Tech Stuff behind the scenes. TW is a Trucker whose neck gets plenty of exercise looking down into passing cars
iBlookin' Administrator
IBL is a nice guy but not someone you would want your daughter bringing home. He is an Administrator who is quick to kick anyone in the rear if they break the rules.
Preacher13 Administrator
Preacher is a Biker who has grown up with boobs all around. He is happy on his bike and doesn't mind if his gorgeous wife flashes respectful and appreciative Truckers.