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Sex Survey Results

  1. 10% of girls say "Be quick, it hurts!"
  2. 10% Say "Quick?  Slow down babe!"
  3. 80% say "Quick, my husband may come home anytime!"

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After Traffic Accident, Woman dances naked on big rig
Husband forced her to walk naked after he caught her sexting other men
Conference occurence
As usual, as soon as we got back on the road, I started playing with her boobs
Driving breasts
I always enjoyed playing with my wife's breasts while traveling
I think it more or less just kind of developed over time and eventually morphed into what it is today.
She was cupping her boobs in her hands and had slightly turned to the window to give the driver a better look
Road Sex Stories
Jessica has had some amazing adventures
Live by them
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A naked woman who may have been high at the time trashed a Subway in Alaska
Invasion of Privacy?
Driver-facing cameras may increase safety and reduce liability, but truckers see an invasion of privacy
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